Zen and The Art of Making Breakfast


Breakfast of Champions
Breakfast of Champions



I always have envisioned eventually writing a memoir and entitling it “Zen and the Art of Making Breakfast.”  And someday I still may do that.  But for now its the best title I can think of to begin my most recent blogging experiment. (and my first post for that matter)  This blog will mostly focus on food and drink with occasional meanderings into my other interests. (Politics, travel,style, Health & Fitness)  But for now we will start off with the way I start my day every morning.


Zen and the Art of Making Breakfast


How you start your morning really shows who you are as a person.  Whether you’re someone like me who has to have a hot meal every morning, a person who has a sad bowl of cereal, or even if you just have a cup of coffee.  It shows how you start the day.

According to the old adage: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  Now that is one old saying I can fully get behind.  I have to have breakfast everyday. No ifs, ands, or buts.  I wake up hungry.  Since I sometimes workout in the mornings I even tend to have pre-breakfasts just to make sure I don’t die of starvation mid morning runs.  The way I start the day is an integral part of who I am.  Whether it be my tried and true stand by of 2 slices of bacon, a sunnyside up egg, and a piece of toast always washed down with copious amounts of coffee.  Or something less traditional like Shakshuka which I have recently been experimenting with.  I need something in the morning to not only fill my stomach but also to help center myself.

Cooking and eating has always been therapeutic and relaxing for me.  Thus why I make it a point to have breakfast every morning I wake up. Not only is it necessary so that I don’t go all Hulky and hangry on everybody.  It also calms the nerves and sets me in a good place every morning. I’m a person who hates being rushed.  I’m also a person who can’t stand being late to anything.  I’m kind of an anxious person.  But no matter what, I make it a point every morning to have breakfast in my schedule or the day might completely be fucked.  I usually prefer to cook my own breakfast as well.  The act itself, since its usually not too complicated, allows me to engage all my senses as well as allowing me to think about the rest of my day while my bacon sizzles and the coffee bubbles.

There is nothing I enjoy more first thing in the morning that the sites, smells, and sounds of breakfast being made.  It brings back nostalgic memories of waking up with a smile to the smell bacon on the skillet or coffee in the pot.  The glorious moment of cooking your first egg all by yourself watching the consistency turn from gel to delicious fluff.

To me breakfast is more than just the first meal of the day.  It has the potential to set the tone for the day.



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  1. I could not agree more! I love a nice mountain of eggs, especially after AM trips to the gym, or sliced sausage and a handful of roasted peanuts. Without breakfast, the day’s mojo will definitely be OFF.

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