Drinking & Thinking


This is a new in what I plan to be a series of posts about something I am very passionate about. The subject of wine, beer, and spirits.

Since moving to Seattle I have made it a point to drink locally. One of the first breweries I came upon was Fremont brewing company. I first heard of the brewery after reading an article praising their Cowiche Canyon seasonal which I am still looking forward to tasting (September seasonal) The first offering I had from them was their IPA which left a little wanting in the hop department. Second purchase had me indulging in their pale. A varietal favorite of mine and they make a very good one as well. In fact one of the best I’ve had from the State.

The Pale Ale might be a strong suite for Fremont as their Summer Ale is another solid base hit. Take a pale ale and add the citrus element that you would get from a wheat beer and you get this refreshing and seasonally appropriate offering. I am in love with this beer like it was 07 and I had my first taste of Oberon.

-Color: Yellow, like a typical pale or lager

-Nose: Very light on the nose. Can get hint of the citrus but not overpowering.

-Flavor: Definitely a pale base. Creamy and refreshing but with citrus. Oranges and a dash of lemon.

-Rating- 4 out of 5. I can drink this beer any day any time and be happy about it. This is the best summer seasonal I’ve had recently and possibly ever.


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