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Diamond Knot Craft Brewing India Pale Ale
Diamond Knot Craft Brewing India Pale Ale

The IPA was the style of beer that turned me off of craft beer for a couple months. I just got so tired of brewers trying out hop one another. It just got unpleasant after a while. I’m drinking a beer not eating a batch of flowers. It also showed me how trendy the beverage industry can be.

All that being said I still count it as my second choice when reaching in the fridge.

For today’s selection I’m trying the Diamond Knot Craft Brewing’s IPA incarnation. They are based in Mukilteo, WA and randomly got it in a mystery beer bag. (A practice more ale emporiums should embrace) This contender weighs at a reasonable 6.2% ABV.

-Color: A hazy golden hue.Very little head on top. Slight carbonation.

-Nose: Grapefruit on the nose which gives me hope that this is going to be like biting in a nice juicey glass of beer.  I don’t get the cedar as the brewer promises on the side of the can.

-Flavor: Unfortunately for me it didn’t end up in the grapefruit in a glass I was hoping for. More piney and floral than anything. Overpowers the malt.

-Rating: 2.75/5- It was too floral for me. I like a balanced beverage especially when it comes to an IPA. Wasn’t the freshest tasting either. Do not see me picking up a 6 pack anytime soon. Its pretty middle of the road when it comes to IPAs.



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