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Tranche Slice of Pape Blanc 2012
Tranche Slice of Pape Blanc 2012

White wines are sort of a new territory for me. Early on in my wine tasting expeditions I found them sweet and boring. (Also, lacking the alcohol content that a younger/more inexperienced/broke Todd was looking for….) Fortunately, as I’ve gotten older my palate has gotten more adventurous allowing me to enjoy a white every now and then.

One that especially piqued my interest at a recent tasting was the Tranche Slice of Pape Blanc from Walla Walla Washington.

This wine drinks like a red. Full of very complex and interesting flavors. Unlike any other white that I’ve ever had. It’s almost a blend of all the things I actually like from the different white varietals.   

-Color: A very clear wine with a slight tint of yellow. Hardly any legs, just a few droplets reminding me of drops of rain on a windshield.

-Nose: Melon with a slight tinge of the alcohol on the nose.

-Flavor: Oak with melon. Dry on the finish with great minerality

-Rating: 3.5/5-  Like I said before this is a very nice complex white that drinks like a red. I plan on saving a spot for this white in the cooler section of my wine fridge.



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