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Ft. George 3-Way IPA 2015
Ft. George 3-Way IPA 2015

I’m always skeptical of “collaboration” brews. I guess this has to do with my own expectations being let down so many times. Perhaps too many cooks in the kitchen? My most vivid letdowns being the Three Floyds/Sun King offerings of the past couple years. (Royal Brat was awful, and Slacktivist was subpar. A pilsner from these two breweries?) So I was intrigued when a colleague informed me that a collaboration offering was quite possibly the best IPA that we currently have in our beer cooler.

Ft. George’s 3-way IPA is a partnership with Georgetown Brewing Company as well as Pfriem.

This American IPA, registering in at 5.7% ABV, is 2015’s summer offering from Ft. George. Which upon further research I found out that they put out every summer but bring in two different co-conspirators every year.

-Color: Quite possibly my favorite part about this beer is the way it looks. Has a nice head on its shoulders. Its a bits lighter in color than most IPAs I’ve been drinking lately and it has some sediment in it as well.

-Nose: Grapefruit, a bit of hay, and a bit of yeast.

-Flavor: Nice and bitter the strongest suite of this beer’s flavor. Its not afraid of being an IPA you can taste the hops.

-Rating: 3/5- It’s an above average IPA and definitely changed my perception of collabs being a bad thing. Not as much juicy citrus as I would have hoped for but it does finish smooth and refreshing as you would hope for a summer IPA. Best IPA in our cooler? Absolutely not. Would I buy it again or recommend it to a customer? You betcha.



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