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Sartori Di Verono 2014 Rosé
                                      Sartori Di Verono 2014 Rosé

Since visiting France a couple of years ago I have been addicted to drinking Rosé during the summer months. It became my alternative to beer and gin and tonics when I needed alcoholic refreshment during the hotter times of the year.

Unfortunately this summer I became burnt out on Rosé. Finding many of them boring. I even tried a few older vintages, which did lead me to discover a taste for the higher minerality that lies in a couple year old wine of this style. However, this new complexity still had me looking for more. This style hadn’t quenched my thirst as it once had. That is until I found the one Rosé I had been looking for this summer.

I stumbled upon the Sartori Di Verono 2014 Rosé during a staff tasting at work. Apparently our emporium of all things intoxicating is the only store on the West Coast to carry this wine. All points East be on the look out for this bottle. As I didn’t expect much, but I finally found the Summertime refresher that I had been looking for.   

-Color: It is a shade darker than most Rosé I have drank. Almost as if it was a chard diluted with a bit of red.

-Nose: As soon as I opened this wine it made the room smell of strawberry. Pulled me back to early summer or late spring for a moment.

-Flavor: Big juicy fresh fruit, mostly strawberry as all my favorite Rosé tends to be. Decent amount of acidity but not as minerally of a Rosé as what I have been drinking.

-Rating:  3.75/5- This was exactly what I’ve been looking for this Summer. Too bad I found this one with only a couple weeks left to go. That being said this wine is juicy enough that I might even put a bottle back for Thanksgiving Dinner as it would go just as well as a Beaujolais would during the feast. I have even turned a few white zin customers onto this guy. Juicy, refreshing, and delicious. Get yourself a bottle or three to enjoy during these last few warmer days.


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