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Fremont Brewing's Cowiche Canyon Fresh Hop Ale
Fremont Brewing’s Cowiche Canyon                  Fresh Hop Ale

Fall is an exciting time in all things distilled and fermented. It’s harvest in the wine and hop industry. Which leads to delicious things. On the beer side of things you have Octoberfest beers and festivals. All different concoctions involving pumpkin. But most importantly it’s fresh hopped season.

Throwing the hops straight from the vine and onto the brew leads to some of the most delicious fresh and green tasting ales you could imagine. For today’s post I’ve chosen Fremont’s  Cowiche Canyon Fresh Hop Ale.

This is Fremont’s second appearance on the blog because they are my current favorite local brewer. I heard about this particular offering before even moving to the state and have been patiently waiting for its release. It is freshly hopped up with 120 pounds of “Organic” Citra and Simcoe hops. I got to try this specimen just 4 days after it was canned.

-Color: Maintains a nice carbonated head with bubbles that continue to rise throughout the glass. A nice dark golden ale.

-Nose: You smell the hops as soon as you crack the can. As I write this I can smell it sitting in front of me on the table. Notes of grapefruit as all my favorite hoppy beers are laced with. Fresh cut vegetation and a nice spritz of lemony citrus.

-Flavor: Like you put a hand full of the greenest hops you could find into your mouth, but in a good way, and it stays with you long after your swallow. Citrus upfront followed by a more mellow grapefruit. Other than the fact that it’s going to kill your palate with the hoppyness it’s a relatively light beer. More than likely due to its pale ale base its low on the malt spectrum.   

-Rating: 3.5/5: If this wasn’t such limited time offer type of seasonal this would definitely be on regular rotation as a fridge beer for me. However, I do love the seasonality of this beer. So fresh so clean. Stop, have a beer, and reflect on the changing in seasons.

If you’re in the Seattle area during this time of year I highly recommend picking it up before it’s gone.



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