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Charles Smith's 2013 Eve Chardonnay
Charles Smith’s 2013 Eve Chardonnay

Since the time I started really enjoying and thinking critically about wine, Chardonnay has been my least favorite varietal. I have found most of them to be on the extreme end of the flavor spectrum in one way or another. Some too buttery, some too oaky, and some so floral that it tasted like I was drinking perfume. That being said I still haven’t given up on this varietal quite yet.

Today’s excursion into the world of vitis vinifera is Charles Smith’s 2013 Eve Chardonnay. This winery is one of my current favorites. Not only does it offer my favorite white, Kung Fu Girl Riesling, but you can find them anywhere at a very good price. Not to mention they are all very consistent in their quality.

-Color: Very light yellow. You can see through this white almost as if you are wearing a stylish pair of shades. It’s only 13% ABV and has little to no legs to prove it.

-Nose: Definitely a bit of wood on first sniff. Wet hay and a bit of honeydew melon.

-Flavor: Very fruit forward up front. Unripe green apple with a bit of citrus and grass at the end. Very high acidity in this one and the flavor stays with you for a while. You do not get as much woody flavor on the palate as I was hoping for when I nosed it. Also, with this Washington State Chard you do not get the buttery or creamy aspects many Chardonnay drinkers like.

-Rating: 2.75/5- As I said earlier I’m not the biggest fan of Chard and this one didn’t make me a believer. Not as complex as I would like. I would just like a bit more butter and wood notes. This would be a good intro to the varietal though as it does offer some interesting differences from a Chard made in a different part of the world. I would even keep it in my wine fridge in case I have someone over that is a big fan of the varietal. It would even pair well with an earthy pasta dish. Possibly one with mushrooms or a cream sauce as the acidity in this wine would cut through any of that.



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