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Breakside's Braggadocio Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial London Porter
Breakside’s Braggadocio Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial London Porter

Watching seasons change is one of the more fascinating things about living on this beautiful planet.

The changing Seasons bring about many different things. Climates cooling or warming up. New crops spoiling as others ripen up. Fashions coming and going.

My favorite time of the year is Fall. Summer is too hot for my thick blood. So I revel in the cooling temperatures and the things that come with it. Football, chili, other soups that warm the soul, and fresh hop season. As the temperatures begin to cool I can now trade in my more refreshing beverages and reach for ones that will warm me up. Whiskey, Porters, and Stouts are things to be enjoyed at all times of the year but especially in during the colder months. So why not take the best of both worlds and combine them.

I do enjoy bourbon barrel aged beers. However, it is hard to find one that is balanced. Most that I have tried end up being too boozy and do not allow for the enjoyment of the beer which should also show through in these brews. My first Porter/Stout of the season that I am enjoying comes to us from Oregon’s Breakside Brewery and their Braggadocio Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial London Porter   

-Color: Nice porter/stout head. Black as night as any beer of this style should be.

-Nose: Get the malty deliciousness on the nose with this. Surprisingly not as much bourbon as I expected to get.

-Flavor: The bourbon is definitely there but it’s not as pronounced as most bourbon barrel beers can be. Smooth mouth feel. The bourbon aging enhances the flavor rather than make it the focal point of the beer. You get marshmallows, light coffee, and nougat on the palate. Smooth as velvet mouth feel that you would want with a nice glass of dark deliciousness. This is a collaboration brew with the guys at Stone and I kinda get a bit of Arrogant Bastard flavor. Maybe that’s in my head though.  

-Rating: 3.75/5: This is one of the best dark beers I’ve ever had. Definitely the best bourbon barrel aged beers that I’ve had. And it all comes back to balance. This brew does a wonderful job of letting the aging process and the stout each stand on their own. I would pick up as many as you can find as this is a limited release. 



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