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Deshutes Brewery’s (Bend,Oregon) Jubelale


It’s officially the Holiday Season! And no matter what the corporate world is telling you, the Holidays do not begin with the start of football season.

Now even with all my cynical atheistic beliefs, I do in fact enjoy the holidays. It’s a happy time of year. It’s the time of year to be with friends and family enjoying the nicer things of life. Forget all the religious mumbo jumbo. Time is nigh to reflect and celebrate the year that was. Thus it is the time of year to grab your favorite festive beer.

For this week’s New Beer Friday I sampled Deshutes Brewery’s Jubelale from Bend, Oregon.

-Color: Light Brown with a nice head that lasted throughout the pint. Little to no carbonation and fizz after the initial pour.

-Nose: Nutty. A bit of brown sugar and bananas. A sweet smelling yeastiness almost reminiscent of a dark Belgian.

-Flavor: All malt with just a enough hops to make it bitter on the back-end of things. Light toffee notes a bit of banana and baking spices. It does a good job of representing its seasonal flair. The flavor doesn’t lead me to Belgium as much as the nose did. Think more of the dark German beer side of things with that Northwest American beer style at the end with the hoppy bitterness. That bitterness stays with you more so than spices that they were intending with a beer of this style to have.


-Rating: 2.5/5: Nothing that exciting here. It’s almost like they felt obligated to put out a seasonally appropriate beer. It is bottle conditioned so maybe this just needs to be bought, stored, and unwrapped next holiday season? I will say that it is very easy to drink but certainly not as good as some of the stouts and IPAs that Deschutes puts out.




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