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Duck Pond 2014 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, Oregon

Pinot Noir was the first wine to get me to put down the bag of Merlot and spend a couple extra dollars on something that was worthwhile. As soon as I tasted the dark cherry deliciousness that exemplifies this varietal I was hooked and started my exploration of other varietals.

In fact when people ask me what red wine to try in order to get into reds I immediately suggest Pinot as an intro to the red world. It’s inviting fruit flavor with a bit of complexity, is usually agreeable to many a palate. A gateway drug if you will.

For today’s Wine Wednesday I decided to go with an area that I’ve been getting some very good Pinot vibes from here lately, and went with Duck Pond’s 2014 Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

-Color: Bright purple in color and not opaque. Can still see through this wine onto my tasting notebook. No tears falling down the side of the glass.

-Nose: You can get some acidity on the nose. Dark cherry, almost like the Dark Cherry flavor from Kool-Aid which happened to be my favorite when I was a kid.

-Flavor: Very tart cherries. In fact this wine is a bit on the bitter side for me. Very low tannins and earth. I would like a bit more on both accounts. Not very complex.

-Rating: ⅖: Too tart for my taste. Not enough tannin and earthy notes to make this a quality wine. No complex flavors to speak of. I’m very disappointed because I like big fruit bombs with some earth on the back end from my Pinots. Most from this particular region have had these characteristics, but this one is way too tart and bitter. It is a 2014 so maybe it just needs some time.





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