Drinking & Thinking

Chocolate is my main squeeze when it comes to sweets. (For the record. Mint and Chocolate are not meant to be friends.) If I’m having dessert I want chocolate. If I’m having Ice cream I want chocolate involved in some way. It’s the reigning champ in the sweets category. I am a slut for chocolate.  

I am also a fiend for coffee. From the hours of 6 AM to about 11 AM I always have a coffee cup very close to my hand and around 2 PM I’ll be needing my pick me up from the caffeinated gods.

Throw in my deep seeded passion for booze, what could possibly go wrong?

For today’s New Beer Friday I gulped down a pint of Elysian’s The Fix. An Imperial Stout flavored with Stumptown Coffee from Portland and Theo Chocolate nibs from right here in Seattle. Proving that just because they sold out to AB that they still are all about the Pacific Northwest.

-Color: Deep dark brown. Darker than a Guinness. Has a nice head on it, not as creamy looking as a Guinness.

-Nose: Very fragrant with the chocolate and coffee. Smells almost like a chocolate covered cherry.

-Flavor: Nestles’ Chocolate Syrup. So chocolaty and delicious. I actually said “Nestles’ Chocolate Syrup” out loud when I took my first drink. You get the taste and bitterness of the coffee on the back end but it’s mostly in the fragrance that you get the coffee notes. Just blends really well with the coffee. Don’t get any hops whatsoever, and I’m glad about that because I feel like if they added too much on that front, it would have tasted like a weed chocolate i.e. disgusting. It’s not boozy at all. Very smooth and drinkable. Your mom loves this beer.

-Rating:3.75/5: This is my second favorite stout that I’ve tried all year. In a world of barrel aged madness it’s nice to drink a non-traditional stout that keeps Kentucky out of the picture. They get bonus points for nostalgia as it immediately reminded me Nestles’ Chocolate Syrup. It would be a great breakfast beer and I would even contemplate making a beer float with this tasty beverage even though I’m usually completely against such an action.



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