Drinking & Thinking

Tis the season for celebrating! No other beverage exemplifies celebrating the good things in life more than a sparkling wine.   

I believe that you should be able to drink and enjoy bubbly all throughout the year. A sparkler is a good choice no matter the occasion. Whether it’s Champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco, or cava there is a bubbly out there for all budgets.

So today I chose a bargain bubbly: Chateau Moncontour Sparkling Wine. A ninety pointer for under twenty bucks! And from France! This however is not a Champagne as it comes to us from the Loire Valley and is made entirely from Chenin Blanc.

-Color: Steady bubbles and carbonation throughout. Very clear but it is a deep yellow colored wine.

-Nose: Burnt rubber and toasted cereal.

-Flavor: Sweet pear and apple up front. Not yeasty as some sparklers can be. Unfortunately I can’t get away from the burnt rubber smell that lingers in the taste on the back side of the swallow, and stays with you until your next sip.

-Rating: 2 /5: I am very disappointed in this wine because I had been looking forward to tasting it for quite some time now and it really fell flat. Would I give it ninety points? No. Would I drink this again? Yes. Other than Blanc de Blue (Which is an abomination) I really haven’t had a Sparkler that I’ve hated enough to pass on. The burnt rubber accents on this wine have really done a number on my palate and not in a good way.

-Happy Holidays! Cheers!


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