Drinking & Thinking

In my neverending quest to find the best beverages in the world. I have found Spainish wines to be agreeable but never mind-blowing. I must admit that I’ve never had a white from Spain but I find their reds a little too far on the lighter end of things for my taste.  

That all being said it’s been a couple of months since I’ve picked out a Spanish red, and I’m sure there is a great one out there. So today, in the name of research, I ventured back into the Spanish countryside to the chalky, clay, and Limestone fields of Ribera Del Duero. And picked up Frontaura’s Nexus Cosecha. A 100% Tempranillo offering.

-Color: A deep purple with a nice set of legs on her. Which comes by no surprise as this wine 14% ABV. The label artwork is great, a tribute to Spain’s rich art history. Almost reminds me of a Picasso sketch.  

-Nose: Fresh jammy strawberries and raspberries which hit me as soon as I opened the bottle. Also a slight hint of vanilla in there and a bit of minty menthol.

-Flavor: You do get the great berry flavor. The menthol notes linger almost giving it a orange juice citrus flavor that stays with you. Great tannins leading to a nice grippy finish. This wine has some of the best tannin action I’ve experienced with a Spanish wine.

-Rating:3/5 : Very easy Drinking wine from Spain that actually has enough structure for me to just sit, enjoy, and ponder life. A little too much on the minty/orange citrus side of things to make it a perfect wine. But it is certainly the best Spanish wine I’ve had in a year.



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