Drinking & Thinking

So far in my life I’ve really not met a bubbly that I wouldn’t purchase again. That is until I ran into Chateau Moncontour’s Chenin Blanc Sparkler.  It wasn’t like any sparkler I’ve had before but in a bad way. It was funky and I just couldn’t put a finger on why I didn’t really like it.


So after having had that experience I decided I would have to go back to the source grape to help me determine what if was the varietal that I didn’t like or just Chateau Moncontour’s offering that I didn’t care for.


For my second foray into Chenin Blanc I chose Graham Beck’s The Game Reserve from South Africa.


-Color: Very clear with a light yellow tint. No legs


-Nose: Ripe juicy melon, some cheerios, tiny bit of citrus, and burnt rubber. I also get a smell from childhood. Sort of bringing me back to the smell of Ripe Olive Casserole, a dish my mother used to make.


-Flavor: Very citrusy and bright upfront but but tart on the back end. Really get the grapefruit and lemon zest on the palate. It’s a bit salty and you get flavors of stale hay and burnt rubber.


-Rating: ⅖: Apparently I’m just not a fan of Chenin Blanc at least the two that I’ve most recently experienced. All the different flavor notes you get on your palate with this one just has my mouth all over the place. It’s salty, it’s funky, it’s everything that I didn’t like about the sparkler but without the bubbles.

I did appreciate that it brought me back to childhood, and that delicious casserole.    




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