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For the past year or so I have had a love affair with Lagunitas Brewing company. Rarely have I found a brewery that I end up loving just about everyone of their offerings. Their flagship IPA is one that I go to whenever I don’t feel like fussing with the beer list, as it is one of the most balanced ones on the market. Not only do they make great beer but they make it at an affordable price. Not only can you score a sixer for under ten bucks. Nearly all of their bombers are in the eight dollar range. A rarity in today’s ever pricier beer market. (I’m looking at you Ballast Point)  Sure they just got into bed with Heineken, but let’s hope that doesn’t mean that will affect the quality of their beer or their not so serious attitude towards themselves.

For today’s New Beer Friday I selected their newest beer from their One Hitter Series Bitter Oats  

-Color: Deep amber but very translucent. Very nice head and carbonation.

-Nose: Hoppy pine forward. Sense some sweetness in the malt.

-Flavor: Not as balanced with the malt as most of their beers. Pine, Pine, and more Pine. It is bitter all the way through the pint as the name suggests. With all these hops its hard to detect any other flavors at all. I was hoping to pick up some of the oats but alas they have been outweighed by the ridiculous amount of hops on this guy.

-Rating: 2.75/5: A rather pedestrian  offering from these guys. Not balanced at all and the hop flavor that you get is all pine. If you want an overly hopped beer then you got one right here. I crave a bit more balance and would rather just have one of their IPAs. For those keeping score this is supposed to be a Blonde Ale……



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  1. itshoppyhour says:

    good to know this is one that I missed out on trying!!


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