Drinking & Thinking

Italian Wines are still somewhat a mystery to me. I haven’t had a chance to venture too far into this particular region. I’ve just not been drawn to the area. Most wines from Italy that I’ve had have been pedestrian at best and straw covered Chianti at worst.

That being said this is also one of the most respected wine regions in the world so there has to be something out there that I find appealing. I actually had a few Barolos at a recent tasting that I rather enjoyed. So why not try some more!

For today’s Wine Wednesday I have Villa Antinori’s 2012 Toscana IGT. A blend of Sangiovese (Primary grape of the region), Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah.  

-Color: Deep dark red. There is no seeing though this guy. When you tip the rim the red goes all the way to the edge of the glass. Got some tears a flowing too.

-Nose: Nice woody fragrance. Baking spices, clove, as well as notes of mint and menthol

-Flavor: Medium acidity, medium plus alcohol, and medium minus to low tannins. Unripe tart cherries. The finish has something to ask for. I would prefer for it to be a bit longer.

-Rating: 3.25/5: All in all this is a decent Italian Red. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it especially at the price point. It would pair very well with an everyday dinner and wouldn’t get in the way of anything.  



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