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The more and more sours I try, the more and more I get annoyed with beer culture. I really think that sours as a variety are the most overrated style in the beer world. For every one good one that I’ve had there are ten nearly undrinkable ones on the market.

The main reason that I keep trying with sours is because they are some of the most innovative brews that I’ve ever had. Trying new flavor combos and brewing processes seem to be tantamount with this style of beer.  The problem of course is that if you gamble with a crazy idea you’re going to have a few misses.

So let’s gamble! Placing our bets on De Garde’s Grand Blanc. A Golden Rye Wild Ale aged in Oak with Riesling Grapes.

-Color: Fizzy but quickly dissipating head. A very cloudy amber looking brew.

-Nose: You get that vinegar that you get with wild and sour ales as well as some lemony citrus. Cinnamon, almost like it was sprinkled on top of an apple pie. Possibly from the riesling grapes as I get green apples out of riesling all the time.

-Flavor: Sour upfront with a sweetness on the back end. You get a bit of the oak. I almost wished they aged it a little longer on the oak as its giving it a nice creaminess. A bit of caramel and vanilla flavor. I really don’t get the riesling on the palate. Just adds a bit of apple to the flavor perhaps retronasally.

-Rating: 3/5: This is a sour I would buy again and certainly makes me want to try more from De Garde. I liked the idea of this beer and the execution did not disappoint. My only qualm with it is that it could have been aged a bit longer. Either by me waiting a bit to drink this one or even just De Garde having it in the oak a bit longer as I really enjoyed the flavors it imparted.



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