Domaine Thomas La Crele Sancerre ’13

As a self proclaimed “red drinker” it has taken me a while to find a white varietal that really speaks to me. Here lately I’ve been on a tour of the white varietals and Sauvignon Blanc has been one that I have really taken to.

In my experience they are the most complex white varietal. Usually balancing fruit with savory flavors. Culminating with a wine that has enough complexity that allows me to pair it with food or even just sit back and enjoy a couple glasses.

Up until this point I had not had a chance to visit a Sauv Blanc from Sancerre. So for today’s post we will visit central France and try Domaine Thomas’ La Crele Sancerre.   

-Color:Very Clear in the glass. Lemony to dull gold in appearance. A bit of sediment when first poured.

-Nose: Wet straw, cat urine, cantaloupe, a bit of flint and some grapefruit. Getting very savory notes on this Sauv Blanc. A bit of butter perhaps from the malolactic fermentation.  

-Flavor: Asparagus and grapefruit right off the bat. Medium plus acidity. Medium minus on the alcohol. Decent body and structure to this wine. Has a very pleasant mouth feel. Decent length to it, not staying around for too long but also not vanishing Immediately. A very balanced bottle.

-Rating: 3.5/5:  A very good Sauvignon Blanc. Would go great with dinner or even just by itself if you are feeling a white. The strong and complex nose might turn some away. So I wouldn’t recommend this to somebody new to the varietal. If you are looking for something interesting that you can sit and ruminate on for a minute this is the Sauv Blanc that you are looking for.  



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