Ommegang Hennepin

Saisons are usually a hit or miss style for me.  I usually either find them too light or they end up being too unbalanced. The yeast overpowering anything else being incorporated into the brew.

But this week the weather has been fantastic. Dare I say Spring like? And the warmer, brighter days have me looking forward to the months ahead drinking outside and possibly enjoying a saison or two… or three. I really love day drinking.

So today I broke out the glasses, the sun varietal and the drinking vessel, and poured myself Ommegang’s Hennepin. A farmhouse style saison brewed with grains of paradise, coriander, ginger, and sweet orange peel.

-Appearance: Really big bubblebathy head on it. Got a little overzealous during the pour and had to wait for the head to dissipate before pouring the rest of the pint. Needless to say that the carbonation is great, leading to a nice champagne pop when opening. Cloudy amber in the glass with a decent amount of sediment.    

-Nose: All yeasty and bready brings me back to the champagne comparison. Reeks of bananas and orange peel with a slight bit of hoppiness.

-Flavor: Great creamy mouthfeel. Orange peel, rye bread, with a decent amount of hops. A bit of petrol on the backend. Great finish but it doesn’t linger

-Rating: 4/5: This is a really good saison. Light and refreshing with a great mouthfeel. Just what one needs for a nice Spring day drinking session. I could knock back a few pints of this guy. Just a really balanced beer. The yeast in the brew balances really nicely with the extras they added.  



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