Jet Black Syrah

Big, bold, and juicy. All characteristics that I love in a good red. Typically I find that Syrah satisfies my need for a wine that I can chew on for a while. One that I can sit back and enjoy after a long day’s work no matter what I’m having for dinner.

And that’s what I’m hoping for from a wine called Jet Black Syrah. A very bold name so let’s hope the 2012 offering from Alexandria Nicole Cellars of Prosser Washington does not disappoint.    

-Appearance: The name doesn’t lie, as this baby is deep, deep, purple. You are not seeing anything through this guy. Not as many tears as I was expecting out of a wine that is 14.4% ABV.

-Nose: Raspberries, Blackberries, Dried Fruit, a bit of balsamic vinegar, with just a slight hint of vanilla.

-Flavor: Along with the berry flavor you get from the nose you do get a bit of oak. Decent amount of tannin, along with a decent amount of acidity and alcohol. It has a pretty long finish on it.

-Rating: 2.75/5: It’s not a terrible Syrah it’s just not anything special either. A little to highly priced if you ask me ($26.99) as I’ve had better ones for about $10 less. If it was a little cheaper this could be an everyday syrah. The acidity and alcohol would cut through just about any fatty meal that you would throw at it. Then again the acidity is my biggest critic of this wine as it is a bit too much.


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