Orval Trappist Ale

I am constantly scouring the world (and the internet) in search of the “World’s best Beer.”  I do this all for you my adoring audience. So far all the blogs and articles that I’ve read in the name of research have led me to some pretty great brews. If nothing less an exciting trip to another place or time in a glass.

So today I continue the quest to find the greatest beer in the land. Visiting Belgium once again in search of liquid gold. Made by the Jedis of brewing, Trappist Monks. My research has pointed me to Orval Trappist Ale.

-Appearance: Immediately with the foam once I popped the top. Dissipated rather quickly though. Deep but murky/cloudy amber in the glass.

-Nose: Notes of Banana a tiny bit of chocolate and toffee notes. Detect a bit of a sour note on the nose.

-Flavor: So this is a Belgian sour. I didn’t really expect it but it certainly has that malt vinegar mouth puckering flavor to it once sipped. It takes over the banana and toffee notes that I was getting on the nose. The bit of chocolate that I was getting is completely absent on the palate and makes me question if I was even smelling it. It does have a pleasant mouthfeel.

-Rating: 2.5/5: I gotta admit I had high hopes for this one. Definitely not my favorite. I would have liked a bit more banana bready malt to combat the sour. Reminds me more of a Flemish red than what I was expecting.  



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