Mark Ryan BTR Cellars The Vincent

One great thing about making the Pacific Northwest my newest home is experiencing all the great wine, beer, and spirits it has to offer. It is hard to go a week without trying something new and interesting from what the distillers, brewers, and winemakers are producing here in Washington.

March has been Washington Wine month so for the last Wine Wednesday of this great month I am featuring a wine from Mark Ryan’s Board Track Racer Cellars. The Vincent Red Blend

-Appearance: A bright but deep purple with a hint of blue tint. A decent amount of tears are shed after swirling.

-Nose: Blackberries, Dark ripe fruit, with a hint of vanilla.

-Flavor: Tart and astringent upfront, with a bit of saltiness which kind of surprised me. Medium plus too high acidity making my mouth water after every drink. A good enough amount of tannins to let you know you are drinking a wine with a bit of merlot in it. Also, contains syrah (probably explains the higher acidity), malbec, and petit verdot.    

-Rating:3.25/5: I really can’t find much to complain about this wine a very solid red blend. Best I’ve had in awhile and better than some old world blends that I’ve had. My only knock would be that it is a bit high on the acidity. Feel inclined to pick up a bottle or six as this would be a great everyday drinker and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring this to any dinner party.


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