Spring is finally in the air and it’s time to drink some lighter brews. Spring is also a chance to try some new things….


I recently read an article claiming that Propolis Brewing is the most underrated brewery in the entire state of Washington. So let’s find out if they can compete with the likes of Fremont, Balebreaker, and Ruben’s Brews. When I read this I had to give them a chance. So I bought myself a bottle of their 2015 Field Crafted Series The Granum.  


-Appearance: Almost came out at me like a Champagne cork! That is after I got through the wax, cap, and wine style cork. (overkill?) Really intense head action. Took over five minutes to get to where it was drinkable. Cloudy amber with a bit of sediment. Which is to be expected from a saison.


-Nose: Vinegar and a bit of the funky bret. Overpowering just about everything that you might get off the nose.


-Flavor: Grapefruit, sour, and orange. The malt is barely there, which surprised me since so many grains are used in it (Spelt,Oats, Rye, and Wheat). You do get a silky smooth mouthfeel which is the best part of this brew. After the beer has a bit of time to settle and warm up a bit you do actually get the sage and thyme retro nasally.


-Rating 2.5/5: Not my style of beer a little under balanced, too much emphasis on the sour end of things. Overpowers the possible citrus and bready notes that could be brought out by the ingredients listed.




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