Les Lauribert La Cuvee de Lisa

Rosé had a big part of getting the ball rolling when it comes to my love of wine. I had always been a red wine fan for about 90% year. However, during the warmer months I was always looking for something a little more refreshing, and I hadn’t yet got up to try whites yet. Thats where rosé comes in.

Perfect for the warmer weather that has finally came upon us. Rosé pairs well with just about anything. Especially summer picnics and other outdoor activities.

Last summer I had gotten a little overwhelmed by the minerality that a lot of French Rosés tend to have so I went away from them. This year, after I had gotten several recommendation about this particular offering, I decided to break in Rosé season with a Grenache Blanc rosé from the Southern Rhone, Les Lauribert La Cuvee de Lisa.  

-Appearance: Bright, clear pink with a hint of yellow.

-Nose: Strawberry. Slight bit of minerality but not as in your face as many rosés from France can be.  

-Flavor: Big strawberry notes. A bit of chalky minerality but not as pungent as those I’ve had in the past. The alcohol and acidity is medium plus to high which result in a really great refreshing  mouth feel.  

-Rating: 4/5 : Maybe it’s the season maybe it’s the wine but this is a beautiful rosé. Fruity and delicious. Not how the past couple of French rosés that I’ve had have been. Certainly not having the minerality that are typical from that part of the world. Pack this guy in a picnic basket with a light lunch and get out there kids the world is waiting.  


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