Ommegang 7 Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale

It’s quite interesting to see just how far the craft brewing industry has come in the past couple of years. As mentioned on this blog before many of these once local small breweries are being bought up by larger producers. With this influx in cash comes perks.

For example in today’s post I will be reviewing Ommegang’s sixth offering in their Game of Thrones collection: The 7 Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale. I highly doubt that without Duvel of Belgium owning a significant stake in the brewery that a collaboration with with HBO would be possible.

So let’s give corporate partnerships a chance today. See if “Winter is Coming” in the craft beer industry, or if it not beer, “It’s HBO.”

-Appearance: Nice bubbly pop when this dude is open. Great head and carbonation. Fizzes throughout the entire pint that I poured. Light golden yellow with a bit of sediment.

-Nose: Banana, a bit of clove, orange peel. The Belgian nose overwhelms any hops that I expected to get on the nose of a “Hoppy” wheat ale.

-Flavor: Once again you get the banana, clove, and orange peel on the palate. You do get the wheat in the malt and you finally get the hops on the back end of the palate. A nice bit of bitter with the sweetness you get with the Belgian flavors of this ale. Very light and refreshing.

-Rating: ⅗ : Delicious and Refreshing. Something to enjoy this Sunday while watching the happenings of Westeros. A Blue Moon drinker should try one of these guys to broaden their horizons. Get a little bit of hop on their palates.



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