Curatolo Arini Coralto Grillo

As I’ve ventured further and further into the world of wine these past couple of years I’ve found that the best way to learn more about wine is…. To try more of it!

That’s exactly how I went about picking the wine for today’s post. So I chose a wine from an area that I don’t know that much about, Italy. A style that I don’t drink as often, white. And a varietal that I’ve never had before, Grillo.

Let’s roll the dice and try something different with Curatolo Arini’s Coralto Grillo.

-Appearance: Clear, bright, gold with tints of green. To be completely honest it reminded me of Mountain Dew when I first poured it.

-Nose: Straw, burnt rubber, cereal, lemony citrus, meon, and a slight bit of minerality. Very interesting as it gave impressions of both Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc.

-Flavor: Dry on the palate. Medium plus acidity with medium alcohol on it as well. Leading to a nice refreshing mouth watering sensation. Nice notes of grapefruit and melon. Both complex and refreshing.

-Rating: ⅗: A really great find. I’m glad that I decided to try something new and that’s the best part of trying new wines. Lets you find flavor combos that you never knew that existed. This guy is full bodied and complex. Has enough acidity and alcohol to cut through very powerful fish dish  but, it is refreshing and bright allowing it to be enjoyed by itself.



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  1. UTB says:

    Yes! Grillo is the variety I want right now.


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