Melvin IPA

With Summer coming up and just for the fact that I hadn’t reviewed a new one in a while. I thought I’d try a new IPA. Especially given the fact that it is my 2nd favorite style currently.

For a while I have been looking for a balanced IPA. With most of the IPAs I get here on the West Coast they end up being too hoppy. So I need some malt to satisfy my palate. After mentioning this to my beer buyer I was point to Melvin Brewing’s Melvin IPA.

-Appearance: Dull golden amber. Just a tint lighter than an actual amber or red ale. Decent head on it but it doesn’t really stick around.

-Nose: Pine and grapefruit. Not too unlike most IPAs. You do get a good amount of sweetness of the malt on the nose as well.

-Flavor:Only a little bitterness upfront. Lingering a bit on the backend. The main thing standing out with this IPA is the malt backbone. It’s actually there! Something that is hard to find with IPAs now days. (Especially when living on the West Coast) Nice brown sugar and caramel notes to be found in this malt. Making this IPA on the sweeter side, almost too sweet.

-Rating: 3.75/5: One of the better IPAs that I’ve had in a long while. Like I said it actually has a malt backbone to it. Reminiscent of mid-western IPAs which make up for the lack of fresh hops by making a beer with a decent malt. Coming from Wyoming this beer has the best of both worlds. I’ll be drinking my fare share of these in the upcoming months.



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