Wines of Substance Cs

I have a crush on just about everything Charles Smith Winery puts out. I first got interested when I had their stellar Kung Fu Girl Riesling. As a primarily red wine drinker I was hooked. Certainly a gateway drug to whites for me. Other than the fact that I’ve not had anything bad from them, they sell all their base-line offerings at very reasonable prices. A very good line for the novice to experiment with and the avid drinker to keep on hand for daily drinkers.

So today I’m trying another label from their Wines of Substance Label. Their 2014 Cs Cabernet Sauvignon.  

-Appearance: Deep purple with bits of blue. Pretty opaque with really good color extraction.  

-Nose: Chocolate, raspberries, slight black pepper notes, dark cherries, and a bit of tobacco. But I really have to do some searching. This baby isn’t the most fragrant. Really have to take a few big whiffs.  

-Flavor: Really big fruit flavors up front. Medium plus acidity and alcohol. A good bit of tannins on the back palate. Medium to long finish. This guy lingers on the palate for a good bit of time. This guy is a little tight with the first glass but around glass two or three it opens up a bit.

-Rating: 3 /5: It is a bit tight but it opens up even after the second glass. The tightness is really my only beef with this guy. The acidity and alcohol on the palate might deter some. For the price this is a really great bottle. Furthers my man crush on just about anything that Charles Smith has a hand in. You can enjoy this bottle with a nightly meal or even buy itself after a long day at work. Hell I wouldn’t even hesitate to bring it to a dinner party if you were looking to keep it more on the budget friendly side of things.


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