Jean-Louis Chave Selection Saint-Joseph Circa 2013

If you are a regular reader/drinker here at Thinking & Drinking, you know that I prefer Reds over whites. During the summer sabbatical that I took from the blog I made it a point to drink more whites. As I know there are good ones out there. It’s not just over sweet Riesling and over oaked Chardonnay. In fact there are complex Rieslings out there that smell of diesel oil of all things and Chardonnays that are refreshing and not made with any oak whatsoever.

I guess what I am looking for with whites are what I’m looking for in just about any beverage I’m about to quaff: Balance and Complexity.  Today I’m looking for both trying Saint-Joseph Circa 2013.

-Appearance: Clear, star bright, with a bit of green tones.

-Nose: A bit of yeast on the nose with some uritic notes and a hint of burnt rubber.

-Flavor: Butter, slight toasted oak, high alcohol. It’s decently dry. My palate wants me to think that this is a Chenin Blanc, but I would be wrong as this is Roussanne from the Rhone, a wine I am not quite familiar with. Possibly aged in oak and it’s on the low end of the acid spectrum. To be quite honest I find it a bit flabby.  

-Rating 3.5/5: This is a decently complex wine that you can sit and chew on for a bit. I would like a bit more fruit for my personal palate, as it would make it more refreshing. Especially on a hot end of summer’s day like today. It would definitely pair better with food. Specifically something that would would usually be overpowering like a strong blue cheese.   


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