30 Beers in 30 Days

Each quarter I usually put myself to task to complete a course that furthers my career aspirations. Last quarter was obtaining my level one certification in wine from the WSET. This quarter as I am pursuing my level one cicerone I have decided to give myself a project.

30 beers in 30 days. During this period I will be evaluating and enjoying a beer a day for 30 days. Now with 30 days I have a lot of different beers to try. I’m going to try to evaluate a different style of beer each day and new releases when I can get my hands on them. So far I’ve decided on the following guidelines for each beer type I will be covering during the week.

  1. One local a beer a week. I’m going to try and stick within Washington State. I’m pretty sure I could do an entire project based on Washington State alone but the point of the project is to broaden my horizons. 
  2. One stout/porter a week. Given that there is still a chill in the air and darker beers are being released in the multitudes each week I will still have plenty of options to choose from.
  3. One lighter beer a week. On the flip side an area in the beer scene that is sometimes overlooked are lighter options that are out there. Kolsch, Pilsners, lagers, and Saisons will be thoroughly investigated on this day.
  4. One Sour beer a week. Probably the most “trendy” category of beer out there, it also happens to be my least favorite. A good reason to further my knowledge.
  5. One IPA a week. From the most trendy to the most overdone category out there. I have aired my frustrations about this style more than a few times but I am a sucker for a great IPA.
  6. One “World” beer a week. Not necessarily a style but I find that I don’t drink enough beers that aren’t made in the good ol’ U S of A. Knowledge is power kids.
  7. Last but certainly not least I am going to try any new/limited release beer I can get my hands on once a week. Beer nerds be jealous.

Even after laying all that out if anyone has any other cool ideas or suggestions of beers or styles I should try to get my hands on please feel free to leave your ideas in the comments They will be much appreciated.

I’ll be starting this project next Monday so Until then feel free to follow me on other social networks. I can be found on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram all under @ntalexan. So stay tuned!


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