Day 6: Heathen Brewing Mojito Sour

I hadn’t had a brew from Heathen Brewing company until I popped the cap on this bad boy. Heathen Brewing out of Vancouver Washington. Even though I mentioned that I was going to try and venture out of the state for brews in my introductory post, there are just soooo many here in state. So here we go!

-Appearance: Slightly murky, light amber, with a head that dissipates rather quickly.

-Nose: Lime fruit loops, a slight bit of mint but not much else.

-Palate: Lime right away. A bit of sour but not enough to really make me consider this brew a sour. Super light but not in a refreshing way. Bit of bitterness on the back palate.

-Rating: 1.75/5: This tastes like Bud Light Lime. Any craft brewery should not try to make a beer that tastes like Bud Light Lime. (Unless I’m part of a very early April Fools joke) Very unimpressive, and uninspired. It’s very light for a sour. I want more flavor, more sour, something way more interesting.

Just a note for brewers. Just because you can make a sour. Doesn’t mean you should make a sour beer. In that vain, if you want to experiment, and make a sour. Have it in your tap room. You don’t always have to release your mistakes upon an unsuspecting public.


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 


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