Day 7: Firestone Walker Brav’17

Day 7! We made it a week, so now it’s time to “Treat yo self!” Giving Firestone Walker’s 2017 Bravo Imperial Brown Ale a try. I’ve had mixed experiences with Firestone Walker since moving to the West Coast, but there special releases seem to hit the mark. With the release of Bravo, Firestone is going to start bottling brews that were component beers in their anniversary series. That until now were only available on tap.

-Appearance: Brown…. As you would expect for a brown ale, almost thin looking though. A bit of redish tint as well, giving it a maroon look. No head at all, probably due to the barrel aging. In my experience it softens the carbonation.

-Nose: Toffee, like a chocolate Tootsie Roll. Slight bit of bourbon notes as well.

-Palate: Brown sugar, a slight bit of chocolate, and on the back palate you get the heat from the ABV. (13.2%) If you’ve had a darker beer from Firestone Walker the malt notes will be familiar. I tend to find that a lot, if not all, Firestone Walker dark beers have a very similar malt flavor to them.

-Rating: 3/5: It made a brown ale exciting so I did appreciate that. I like the idea behind the series as well. I almost feel like they got to greedy with all there special releases for a while. Especially all the pomp and circumstance that comes with them, especially the anniversary releases, gets a little obnoxious. I’m buying a beer, I don’t need it to come in it’s own box.


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 


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