Day 8: Orlison Shin Splint IPA

For today’s local pick we are going for an IPA out of Spokane Washington. Orlison Shin Splint IPA caught my eye with the cartoon artwork emblazoned on the can. I am a sucker for good marketing. As a runner, I too suffer from the occasional bout of shin splints, so this beer was tugging at my heart strings before I even popped the tab.

-Appearance: Crisp, clear, and clean looking. Definitely a filtered IPA. No hazy trendiness here. Has a nice head on its shoulders after pouring it into a glass.

-Nose: Get a decent amount of sweet malt on the nose. Slight floral hoppy notes.

-Palate: Bitterness upfront hangs on all the way through the back palate. Given the nose, you don’t get the malt on the palate that I expected. It really should have retained some of the malt backbone on the palate as it would have made for a more balanced brew. The hops just hold on for far too long.

-Rating 2.5/5: Pretty pedestrian for an IPA. As mentioned, the malt that you get on the nose should have been more present on the palate. Would have made it a much more balanced beverage. Unfortunately this was a case of marketing getting the better of me. I should have remembered that old adage “never judge a beer  by its can”…..


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 


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