Day 9: Stone Xocoveza: A Winter Spiced Mocha Stout

For today’s adventure into the heart of darkness, we are headed south to the overly prolific Stone Brewing company. A monster on the craft beer scene, it seems like Stone has a new release at least once a week. They tend to make fantastic IPAs and Stouts. This one did come out a couple months ago, but I’ve been meaning to try this offering for a couple years now. You’ve probably had a chocolate stout before, but have you had a stout inspired by Mexican hot chocolate? I had not, so without further adieu I bring you my thoughts on Stone Brewing Company’s Xocoveza Mocha Stout.

-Appearance: Dark almost in a coca cola sense. not as syrupy as I expected but it has very little head.

-Nose: Browned malt, like a chocolate brownie. A bit of burnt coffee. I don’t get the added ingredients on the nose as I’d like to.

-Palate: Get the baking spices right away. Cinnamon, all spice, and a bit of clove. Get some bitterness from the nutmeg and cinnamon. Almost makes it dry, giving you the experience of what it might be like to put ground cinnamon in your mouth. The pepper on the back palate definitely adds to the drying sensation.

Rating 2.5/5: It’s a solid stout but Stone tends to have better stuff than this. Making far more experimental brews than this offering. Thus the pushing it to the 2.5. If this was a brewery that already didn’t have the reputation that Stone does then it would be a solid 3 for sure. As mentioned before… Stone does IPAs and Stouts very well. This is not one of them.


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 


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