Day 10: Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock

For World beer Wednesday, we go to the Fatherland! Trying Ayinger’s Celebrator Doppelbock. There is something special about drinking a German beer. Most breweries in Germany have history going back more than 100 years. (Ayinger was founded 140 years ago) However, due to that history and how Germany has enacted Purity laws concerning brewing, I tend to find them all very similar and boring to drink. So lets test my perceptions and pour a pint!

-Appearance: Has a head to it, but it dissipates rather quickly once in the glass. Deep dark brown.  Darker than I thought it would be for sure. I expected something on the darker side of a red or amber ale, but this approaches porter or stout level of darkness. Not sure the significance, but the bottle comes with a cool goat trinket attached to the neck of the bottle.

-Nose: Browned if not burnt malt. The sweetness of molasses and brown sugar. A bit of cinnamon and baking spices. I personally get almost a milk chocolate note to it. Maybe a bit of lactose, like the smell of opening a milk jug and taking a big whiff, but not in a sour/bad way. It almost reminds me of candy that I don’t particularly like. A gritty malted milk ball. I rather like this in beer form though.

-Palate: Very smooth mouth-feel. A little bit of chocolate bitterness and toffee notes. I just imagine drinking this on a cold late afternoon/early evening in a beer hall while snowflakes fall out of the window and I snack on a warm pretzel with beer cheese. Its a little to thick to cut a German sausage and mustard. I’d still prefer a hefeweizen or nice pilsner for that dish. But very good just the same. It doesn’t get much better than a beer inspiring such visions.

-Rating: 3.75/5: This is a really great beer. Possibly the best dopplebock that I’ve ever had. Its always great when you have an experience that makes you rethink your thoughts on an entire category. Before drinking this beer I was not excited at all. I just really haven’t had a brown ale that I’ve ever been that impressed with. This beer changed that perception. Thus was the reason for this entire project in the first place. Chalk it up to German brewing excellence. Now if I can only find a game changing sour!


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 


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