Day 13: Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Blueberry sour

Another week, another attempt at finding a quaffable sour. This week I’m giving Almanac Beer Company out of Northern California a go. I’ve heard good things from fellow beer nerds as to the good booze coming out of this Northern Cali brewery. We have several offerings from Almanac at the store but I chose the Farmer’s Reserve Blueberry because blueberries are my favorite fruit. Hopefully this will counterbalance my general apathy of this style of beer.  All of the artwork on their product is great. Lets just hope that they didn’t spend all the money on the marketing department and left some for the brewers. With that note… Let’s let the beer do the rest of the talking.

-Appearance: No head and very little carbonation. Being a sour I am surprised, as most of them tend to be a little active. This brew looks great in the glass. Thick, with the color of beet juice.

-Nose: You get the typical sour/vinegar notes that come with this style of beer. No evidence of the blueberries  or the barrel aging on the nose.

-Palate: Tartness not necessarily from the blueberries. It’s that very style specific tartness/vinegar flavor that you get from most all sours. As I continue to through the pint I realize maybe you do get some of the blueberries and its not that refreshing big fruit flavor that I like so much about blueberries. Its the sour and tart notes that make your mouth-water that you get in this. That’s unfortunate because the tartness is all you get on the palate, no other flavors are able to make themselves known.

-Rating:2/5: A mediocre sour at best. The fruit and anything that you would want to get from the barrel aging process just doesn’t show up. All tart and no balance.


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 

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