Day 15: Urban Family Blind Tyger

For week three’s local pick I am going with one of my favorites. After last week’s mediocre IPA I had to go with a brewery I know and trust. Enter Urban Family Brewing. While they do have great graphic design, I have had a few of their brews so hopefully it won’t end up like last week. Urban Family is so local that I could legitimately walk to it if I wanted to. We have had them in store for a few tastings at this point and are actually collaborating on a few projects coming up in the near future. Stay tuned for that! But until then I give you Urban Family’s Blind Tyger a Farmhouse Ale brewed with Juniper Berries.

-Appearance: Cloudy with a nice head on it that stays through the entire pint. I figured there might be some sediment in the bottom of the glass, but there was not as much present as you might think.

-Nose: Slight farmhouse/savory funk upfront. With a bit of yeast and clove. Maybe just the faintest bit of juniper, but not as aromatic as I expected.

-Palate: Yeasty. It gets funkier on the palate as well. Bright lemon citrus right on the tip of your tongue but on the back palate it is all funky and almost grassy. Really surprised that you don’t get the juniper berries. They end up being very understated and get lost in the funkiness of the farmhouse style.

-Rating: 2.75/5: Its an ok beer, and I wouldn’t be opposed to having another one. I was just really looking forward to seeing the juniper berries shine in this brew. But alas I will just have to get my juniper fix with a gin and tonic, and thank goodness that season is right around the corner.


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