Day 19: Prairie Americana

Even if it is St. Patrick’s day I have a job to do. So before I begin drinking copious amounts of Guinness and Jameson I need to drink a lighter beer as is on the schedule for today’s regular scheduled drinking rumination. I have had a few of Oklahoma based Prairie Artisan Ales but most of what I have had have been more in the vain of Guinness. I’ve had their Bomb! which is a stout that tastes more like dessert than an alcoholic beverage. Let’s have a lighter glass of theirs and pour a pint of Americana a dry hopped farmhouse saison that is conditioned with the brettanomyces yeast strain. Because what’s more American than getting day drunk all in the name of the people that came before us.

-Appearance: A lot of head and carbonation, probably due to being bottle conditioned with brettanomyces. Cloudy as all get out, you are definitely not seeing through this pint as it has a decent amount of sediment. Might be an unfiltered brew as well.

-Nose: You get tropical fruit on the nose, particularly pineapple. You do get some yeasty breadiness amoungst other characteristics of a brett conditioned beer.

-Palate: You definitely get the hops more on the palate but they are not as pronounced as you might think. Leave just a bit of dankiness on the back palate that sticks with you for a while. You definitely get the brett yeastyness on the palate as well almost making you think that you are drinking a hefeweizen. But for an 8% brew you this baby goes down rather smooth.

-Rating: 3.25/5: This is certainly a good beer for this style. It’s not a style that I am particularly fond of but I understand what the brewers were going for here and they certainly succeeded.


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 

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