Day 20: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Cucumber Sour

So I know this is supposed to be Day 21 but good old St. Patrick got the best of me and I really didn’t want to press my luck yesterday trying to put down a sour ale. So today I’m pulling double duty to catch up. So on Saturday’s we (were supposed to…) drink sours. One that I’ve had my eye on for a long time is 10 Barrel Brewing Co.’s Cucumber Sour. One, because I love cucumbers and how they so refreshing, they constantly remind me of Summer. Two, I love a good weird beer, and what’s weirder than brewing a beer with cucumber. Especially a sour ale at that. So after a day’s hiatus I give you 10 Barrel Brewing Co.’s Cucumber Sour.

-Appearance: Nice head on the top of the glass that dissipates rather quickly. This is much cloudier than I expected. A great goldenrod yellow color on this guy.

-Nose: Cucumber, salt, and a bit of lime on the first nose of this guy. Then as you think and sniff you get the typical notes of a sour beer. But all and all this reminds me of great gin and tonic.

-Palate: Sour but its not as tart as sours can be and that’s a good thing, because I feel like most of them end up unbalanced because of that. The level of tartness really play well with the cucumber notes that are on this guy. You get more of the lime  on the back palate and the cucumber and saltiness are there from the nose to make your mouth water a bit.Making you want another sip shortly after you’ve had your first

-Rating: 3.25/5: Now this is a sour I can get behind! Great idea for this type of brew. The cucumber really does lend itself very well to notes that are typical with this style of brew, making for a very balanced beer. I could pound a few of these guys on our rooftop this summer as they remind me of a great gin & tonic. I could even see using these guys in a summer cocktail or trying to make beer slushies out of these things. God summer needs to get here fast……


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 

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