Day 23: Great Divide Brewing Co. Yeti Imperial Stout

For day 23’s stout pick we are headed East once again. To Colorado, to try one of the most decorated American craft breweries. Great Divide Brewing Co. has been making beer since 1994. I’ve heard good things about their stouts, particularly the Yeti. Which has many different one off versions. I had not had the standard version of the Yeti yet, so I guess it’s time I take a shot at trying this mythical beast.

-Appearance: The tan head that this brew gets when poured almost has that Guinness effect going on while it settles. Where it looks like more than just carbonation going on. Magic perhaps? Other than the mystical settling of the head this brew is opaque and dark as night.

-Nose: Brown sugar, a bit of cocoa, probably coming from the browned malt which you get as well. You also get a bit of hops as well. Not much but they are definitely apparent on the nose of this one. Something that I tend not to get on stouts.

-Palate: Much more bitter than I expected. Shocking so really. I’m sure its from the hops but with the dark malty notes giving it a chocolate flavor it tastes like a high test dark chocolate. Very bitter dark chocolate. A little bit thinner on the mouth-feel than I expected. Kind of a single noted brew. That bitterness just takes over the whole palate.

-Rating: 2/5: I just can’t get over the how this tastes like bitter, high cacao level of dark chocolate. It just makes the beer one noted and very unbalanced. I was also a little disappointed in the mouth-feel of this guy. Maybe I have been spoiled with the thick syrupy bastards that I’ve been drinking here lately.


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 

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