Day 25: Golden Road Brewing’s Wolf Among Weeds

A case of beer down and just five more to go. So for our IPA of the week we are getting out of the Pacific Northwest and heading South to Los Angeles. Grabbing Golden Road Brewing’s Wolf Among Weeds IPA. I average a trip to LA around 2 times a year. While LA has many great things, traffic and craft beer aren’t a couple that I’ve found that they are very good at. Most craft brews that I’ve had from the Los Angeles area are mediocre at best. But hey I’m willing to give them another try. I mean San Diego has tons of good beers, maybe some of their brewers will eventually migrate a bit North?

-Appearance: When pouring this guy you get a larger foam head that you usually don’t see with an IPA. Bright, crisp, amber looking IPA with a slight bit of cloudiness.

-Nose: Sweet malty notes straight away once popping the top. Pine and other floral notes on the second whiff. You get that slight dank wet dog note as well. You get almost a gumball smell off of it as well.

-Palate: That sweet malt is definitely there on the palate, followed by that bitter dankness that starts in the mid-palate and hangs on through the back palate. That does fall off after a bit making for a smooth finish.  A very refreshing brew with a solid mouth-feel.

-Rating: 3/5: This is hands down the best beer that I’ve had out of LA. Every time I make it down that way I am looking to find an LA brewery that’s worth a damn, and I have finally found one worthy of my praise. I’ll have to check out the brewery on my next visit.


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 

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