Day 29: Black Raven Brewing Co.’s Kitty Kat Blues Pale Ale

Tis the last local day of 30 beers in 30 days and I chose a brewery that is one of my new favorites. Black Raven Brewing Company is one of my new favorite breweries in the area. Redmond Washington, to be exact, which is just a mere 20 minutes from downtown Seattle. I love the IPAs that I’ve had from them and I’ve heard that this seasonal release is very interesting. So lets take this pint to task and give it a try.

-Appearance: A really great head on its shoulders, but very dark for a pale ale. I could see it being from the blueberries, making it look almost like an amber.

-Nose: You get the blueberries on this guy immediately. Also maybe getting a bit of hops and a slight hint of lime but that may be the tartness from the blueberries.

-Palate: Blueberry, like blueberry muffins. Maybe that’s where the vanilla comes in but I really didn’t get it on the nose. Which, with this blueberry muffin taste it almost makes it taste like fake blueberry, like that flavor from a smelly marker. I don’t get the catnip but I do get a little bit of bitterness. Now I originally believed that bitterness was the hops but maybe its the catnip? To be totally honest I don’t know what catnip tastes or smells like. I’m a dog owner….

-Rating 2/5: This beer tastes fake and possibly trying too hard. For one I don’t like fruited beers, and I especially don’t like fruited beers that taste like fake fruit. Vanilla is hardly present if at all, but I only get it in a bready/muffin form. The catnip is just something so esoteric that I don’t even think cat owners would be able to pick it up.


This post is part of a series of posts in the 30 Beers in 30 Days project. Enjoy! 

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