Bodega Goulart Clasico Malbec ’16

My lovely hand model is holding the Bodega Goulart Clasico Malbec ’16

Malbec is one of the first varietals to peak my interest in fermented grape juice. It was just as fruity as Pinot Noir but more complex. A wine that you just as easily pair with food as you can good friends. Once considered a trash grape in France it has found new life in the Mendoza region of Argentina. Which is where the one I am trying today comes from.

-Appearance: Dark ruby red in the glass, very nice extraction. You are not seeing through this glass.

-Nose: Very fragrant. Got a huge whiff of boysenberries as I twisted the top. Very funky up front and you are overwhelmed with the alcohol. It did open up after about a half hour. The funkiness stays though, making its presence known in the form of freshly turned wet soil. Notes of baby powder and black pepper.

-Palate: Medium plus alcohol (14.2% for those wondering) Medium plus acid and silky tannins come on the backside from the oak which you didn’t get on the nose at all.

Its a budget Malbec for sure. But hey this varietal isn’t known for being extremely expensive. It would be great for your everyday drinker or the 2nd bottle of the night with a few friends.


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